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Master Hypnosis Training

Today I’m excited to begin the next phase of my hypnosis training.  Many of my witnesses, over the years, share with me experiences that seem incomplete.  They exhibit untraceable anxieties, fragmented memories, missing time and other inexplicable feelings.  In the past, hypnosis has been a powerful tool in unlocking these buried memories and events.

Last year, I began independent study of the science of hypnosis. After studying all of the materials I could find, it was time to take my training to the next level. My search began for the BEST possible teacher and training I could find. Even though my search took me across the country, by chance I found what I considered to be hands down, the best program right here in Nashville.

I am honored to have met and became friends with Steve Roehm. His Master Hypnosis Training had all of the components that I felt were needed in helping my witnesses unravel the mystery of their experiences.

Check out Steve at:

Steve Roehm – Master Hypnosis Training

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