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New Book… Sneak Preview!

Coming Soon… My new book! Here’s a sneak preview

UFO Encounters: Glimpses of Human Transformation and Radical New Worlds

It is in over 35 years of boots on the ground UFO investigations, over 2000 witness interviews and countless years of research, that I have come to some very intriguing conclusions about this phenomena and the untold number of individuals grappling with its mystery. One of the most baffling and mind bending challenges of our time has grudgingly yielded a different glimpse of the complexity of our reality and of the astonishing abilities that humanity possess.
Over the years, UFO research has been mainly focused on the external phenomena at hand using the standard scientific method. The sightings, the abductions, the radar echoes, physical traces, photos, videos and search for that perfect piece of evidence were our holy grail. It didn’t really seem to dawn on many researchers that our understanding of science is in no way complete and that there are other very valid methods of inquiry that may reveal to us a different reality altogether. Did we stop to think that even in the midst of so much evidence and credible witnesses, the “proof” seems to always elude us. When you ask the wrong questions, no matter how sound those questions may be, the answers never come.
In the very early years of my research, I started out just like all the other researchers of that time, nuts and bolts research. Just the facts, please, kind of inquiry and don’t bother me with all that strange stuff! But, problems begin to arise with this approach. No matter how hard I tried to keep my research “pure” anomalous experiences continued to arise in very high percentages of my cases. These “anomalies’” were persistent, were reported across the board and no matter what kind of scientific inquiry I threw at them, they just wouldn’t go away.
A single case changed the way I viewed and then investigated the UFO mystery forever. The case involved a group of people star watching on a beach. There were about 14 individuals within about 25 ft of each other. At some point, about 4 of those people witnessed a pretty amazing UFO sighting. When questioned alone, they all described the same thing. They were articulate and in agreement about the shape, lights, and sound. What was extraordinary was the fact that the other 10 witnesses saw and heard nothing. No matter how hard the small group tried to point out the object the others just could not see it.
This was a revelation to say the least. It dawned on me that there was “Something” very different about this small group of witnesses that enabled them to “see”. And, bordering on obsession, I was determined to find out what that “something” was. So being young and poor and without the resources to purchase fancy equipment for research, I did have a steady stream of witnesses that I could study at close range and for long periods of time.
As the years passed, and the number of witnesses that I had interviewed increased, other paranormal and high strange events continued to be reported among my UFO/Abduction witnesses. And…it just would not go away. This trend has held for 35 years of research, especially with my witnesses who had reported continuing sightings and/or interactions.
Furthermore, I found that many other so called, “serious researchers”, would edit out those experiences or just discard the whole case. They ended up, categorizing those cases under various mental disorders, hallucinations, or just plain hoaxes.

My research just did not lend itself to these explanations in all cases of UFO/high strangeness reports. I found high percentages of these cases were told by sane, stable, grounded, productive, articulate and integrated individuals. They were hesitant to come forward or even give their names, wanted no notoriety or attention, were afraid of being labeled “crazy” and just wanted someone to hear their stories and actually believe them. And, the cases just kept piling up…. So 35 years later my research has brought me to these conclusions:

1) UFO Sightings, Entity Interactions, Cryptid Sightings and Paranormal events were happening way too
often within the general research to be ignored or discarded. This includes cross-over events. (Events that
report multiple types of high strange encounters i.e. UfO sightings that include orbs, cryptids and other
paranormal interactions. (My definition of Paranormal: Any event, encounter or sighting that does not fit
the standard, current scientific model).

2) A very high percentage of witnesses had valid credibility and portrayed no characteristics of emotional or
mental aberrations.

3) Some very strange things were being reported on a regular basis, with consistent content throughout
investigated events, regardless of cultural factors, sex or upbringing.

4) There were repeatable patterns, common denominators and high strangeness events arising in a very high
percentage of cases being reported.

5) Witnesses reported “sensitivities” from birth or developed said “sensitivities after experiencing a UFO
Encounter or other Paranormal Event.

6) Previously, there had been much investigation into the events themselves but very little research had
been done in studying the witnesses themselves.

7) And the most important: Individuals encountering this phenomenon are forever changed. Witnesses
go through incredible transformative events. They display increased psychic/intuitive abilities, intellectual
gains, cognitive increases, and overall general increased levels of maturity.

In this preliminary work, I hope to be able to impart the basic insights of my journey thus far into the UFO mystery and share some truly transformative stories into this virtually unexplored part of UFO Research. I hope to introduce you not only to some incredible people and their brave journeys but give you a glimpse into the mysterious nature of your own true self.
This work cannot be spoon fed and it is not for the faint of heart. It is not another new age metaphysical liturgy and is not based on some unattainable intellectual discourse. This work will not be written as “proof” (if that ever really exists) but, it is founded on the experiences of very real, credible, people and their journeys through some very exhilarating and terrifying events.
In some ways this work can be used as a map of sorts that I hope will take you on an incredible journey. Preparations must be made, companions called upon, weapons and shields forged, bodies fortified, and souls enticed. For once begun and a true commitment is made to the cause, it’s as if this adventure takes on life of its own not only for my brave witnesses but for all that go along on the ride. Instead of clinging to the shore, we let go bravely. We strike out, with courage and curiosity and also, shaky legs. We let go of our known, safe home and begin to let the river of this mystery carry us forward. I believe all are called in this quest, but only the few will hear that call and venture forth.
This is a collection of stories of the, “Few” that did set forth on that brave journey. Who risked ridicule, rejection and actual persecution for sharing their encounters with the usually hidden and mysterious side of reality at large.
This reality, this life, is a mixture of beauty and horror, pain and ecstasy. It seems you cannot have one without the other. But, curiously enough, that’s the blessing. In so many of our belief structures we are taught to reject at all costs, the darker, mysterious, hidden side of creation. We are urged to hold on to that safe spot and reject any value that this hidden mysterious side has to offer.
I feel this rejection of the not so pleasant hidden parts of each of us and our world continues to hold us bound. It limits our potential and holds us slaves to unknown masters. When the human soul is liberated by whatever method and all influences of our complex nature are given their due, a saner, more mature, creative, and happy individual emerges.
I feel these extraordinary individuals who have entered the UFO/Alien mystery and have traveled back to us from distant shores, have brought back with them something overlooked and yet priceless. If I succeed, I hope to convey to all that take up the journey with me, the secrets that have been brought back from these other worlds, in many times, at a great price. Secrets that once revealed, may give us the courage to face our own unique journeys, to endure our own transformations and finally, be welcomed into a larger more wondrous world that has been waiting for us, I feel, for a very long time.
Angelia Sheer , UFO Girl

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