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Angelia Sheer, MBA

Years ago, at age 13, I had profound, life changing paranormal event. That single experience so changed my concept of reality, that I no longer needed to be convinced about the validity of many paranormal events, or just “believe”, I “knew” they were real.

That being said, my father was a professor of biology at a local university and had a keen interest in the possibility of other life in the universe. He schooled me in Drake’s Equation (a statistical approximation of possible life in our galaxy), taught me the immensity of the universe and pretty much prophetically pronounced Ellie’s father’s quote in “Contact”, that if life is not found out there, it’s a pretty huge waste of space”.

He went on to collect many UFO accounts and compiled them into a book. Unfortunately, he died soon after my experience and his work was never published. But, the seed had been sewn and around age 18, I took over his research and it has continued to this day.

In the early years, I started out just like all the other researchers of that time, Nuts and Bolts research. Just the facts, please, kind of inquiry. But, problems begin to arise with this approach. No matter how hard I tried to keep my research “pure” anomalous experiences continued to arise in very high percentages of my cases.

Furthermore, I found that many other so called, “serious researchers”, would edit out those experiences or just discard the whole case. They ended up, categorizing those cases under various mental disorders, hallucinations, or just plain hoaxes.

My research just did not lend itself to these explanations in all cases of paranormal reports. I found high percentages of these cases were told by sane, stable, grounded, productive, articulate and integrated individuals. They were hesitant to come forward or even give their names, wanted no notoriety or attention, were afraid of being labeled “crazy” and just wanted someone to hear their stories and actually believe them. And, the cases just kept piling up…. So I came to the following conclusions:

1) These events were happening way to frequently to be ignored or discarded.

2) A very high percentage of witnesses had valid credibility.

3) Some very strange things were being reported on a regular basis, with consistent content throughout events regardless of cultural factors, sex or upbringing.

4) There were patterns and common denominators arising with every case investigated. And, one of these curiosities was the witnesses themselves.

After that, my research took a very unique turn. Being young and poor, I did not have vast resources to buy expensive research equipment, but I had a steady supply of witnesses that continued to come forward. So, I continued to investigate and collect sightings and events, but I concentrated the central theme of my research around the ever intriguing mystery that continued to reveal itself through the witnesses themselves. If I have piqued your curiosity, stayed tuned. Also, if you have had your own unusual sighting or experience, please share. You can contact me via email, so we may arrange a personal interview either in person or by phone. With your permission your experiences will be added to my collection of reports for possible future publication (with your permission and also confidentiality will be strictly honored if desired)

As an update, several years ago I was approached by several members of MUFON and eventually accepted the position as Chief Investigator and later State Director for Tennessee. My work with Mufon has been instrumental in introducing me to high quality credible witnesses. Many of these continue to have ongoing UFO/ Paranormal events in their lives and we continue to study these experiences together. Many of these brave witnesses have become my personal friends and I’m honored to be invited along on their adventures and discoveries. I continue to look forward to working with MUFON, my witnesses and the excitement of studying this brave new world we unravel with each new case.

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